Welcome to DoomsdayHideaway.com, Best viewed as a tropical retreat community for rest and relaxation, But ,if need be a safe haven for your family/If you have a serious interest send me an email with your information. Basically, your character and what you could bring to the table. I am a southern Gentleman old us Marine.This community will be comprised of members of honorable people of good moral character. You may ask who makes that decision, Well folks that would be me. my House my rules. Got a problem with that, you might as well move on. Fair firm leadership is what you will be experiencing. We are team, working together to have a good life. Money will not mean much if TSHTF,but of course it got you here. So, I guess best said I am looking for good people that have enough money to help make this happen.
For now, let us focus on the Good, You have a tropical community resort to go whenever you want like a summer home, There will be visiting international artist invited in coop with Artistinternetcafes.com
Our group is very concerned with helping local communities and the children therein. Your suggestions greatly appreciated. Just know this is real,and I am ready to get this started. Time could be limited.The Southern in me says look at this like a comfortable place to go share time with new friends in the tropics and the us Marine in me says BE READY FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS TO PROTECT OUR FAMILY. FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS. You have to prepare yourself for a totally different lifestyle.It can be a good life with new friends and experiences.It is about the quality of life not just surviving.
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Please help spread the word
Please help spread the word this is for real
501c3 donations deductible you will be sent a signed receipt. funrunnersproductions.com project

Duties will be:
working the garden
feeding chickens
milking the cows
property upkeep
Joshua  Southlandappraisers.us
3.5 hours from Atlanta and houston
emp explained
To those that are serious know this I am a man of honor, I know there are scammers all over the net. Which makes it hard for a real idea to be brought to light. this plan is real I need a few people to step up and take a chance an make this happenI have spent 15 years finding the right places to be safe for the family. It is not about surviving so much as it is about having a good life after things fall apart Or a cool vacation place for life if they don't.I  still think God all mighty is going to step in, that is why we are planting fruit trees and heirloom vegatables and flowers too to remember the beauty.I have spent my money ,need some partners. you will own part of the corporation that will own the land.I am Southlandappraisers.us been appraising 30 years Marines  ask about vet rate, Semper fi We will have to be ready to defend our family. I see this as a combination  of Swiss family robinson and garden of eden. Planting fruit trees now soon the garden, The garden will also produce product to sell or barter with.have public water but will be drilling a well soon
was going to have raffle,not now
Female Ceo's 10% off