A place that offers peace and a relaxing pace to life.  Only a few minutes from everything on the island.  The town, beach, night life, and shopping.  It is your place come when you want.  We are not going to widely promote the location, however, you can certainly rent out your dwelling.  We plan to offer that as a service also if you want.  

Funrunners productions
After many request here for the last 2 days is the link to the  island group.
Patron of the arts Owners update, International artist visiting artistinternetcafe.com will be housed in the units if vacant,this will pay all hoa dues and also give owners a tax deductible credit for the donation of the unit to artistinternetcafes. If owner wants to visit or the world rashes your unit will be ready for you when you arrive,as owner you also can sponsor the artist of choice and have first pick of their work. tax deductible donations receipts will be sent
wtshtf, meteorite. economic collapse,war, plague where you taking your family???