This beach is a 10 min walk from the 150 acres.
As for the location it is 85 every day and 65 every night.  There is a hospital and a town and beach within a few minutes walk.  You will be told the general location when you are ready to to go look at the property or send your representative.   This is the actual beach of the large island.  Island is more than 30 sq miles and you see the elevation is good we are high evalation.

The plan,
Select members
Members pay a non-refundable $5000 to be on the list of 10.  Members select their land area in order of signup.  
When the legal corporation is formed and property insurance is clear  the members put 34% of balance, which  includes the 5,000 previously paid.
Build barn and livestock corrals, Horses, Cows , Chickens, Geese, Goats etc
and build Clubhouse and Observatory.  We will invite international artist.
Members put up 33% of the original balance and the dwellings are constructed and the final 33% payment is paid.  All payment made within 7 days of notification.   We can not have work stopping waiting for money.
Funrunners productions
Over 4000 acres