Know your neighbor is a very important task.  Each member will be registered.  In the time of dire conditions you will be only able to bring the number of people you registered.   In normal times and hopefully forever, you will be able to bring guest for a vacation with you. There will be a full time Housekeeper and gardener.  This is very similar to a condo property.   The gardener takes care of the animals and grows the garden, always fresh vegetables and fruit.  The Housekeeper cooks and cleans for member who are there.  You can go anytime for a week, a month, or whatever time you like.  You will have minimal responsibility.
One rule is if you decide to sell we will sell it for you,  first right of refusal for 30 day time period.  select the person to purchase.  I have no interest in taking advantage of any profits you may earn, it is yours.  But, I have a responsibility to the group to make sure we have people that will mix with the group.  WE will be looking for people that know how to do things.  Not all money makers... I want a good number of people with a trade and real knowledge, or at least want to learn.  
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